Greater America Inspection LLC. (GAI) served the great Houston area for many years. Our home inspection is an examination of a home’s structure and its interior and exterior features and systems. The purpose of our inspection is to identify potential issues that need immediate or near-future repair, health and safety issues, and security issues. At the end of the inspection, the home buyer will have a thorough understanding of the health of the home.

The inspector of Greater America Inspection LLC is licensed and certified by reputable third-party organizations can be a huge help in saving you potentially thousands of dollars in surprise repair or replacement costs soon after you move into your new home. Surprises like these can not only elevate your frustration level and create buyer’s remorse but can also throw your home budget out of whack.

We provide a detailed report that rates the health of hundreds of details in your home so that you can avoid surprises, and potentially negotiate some improvements with the seller.